The Manuel de la Mata International Foundation was created in 2020 for 4 missions

  1. Studies
  2. The foundation collaborates and helps buyers, owners, gallery owners, experts, university students and scholars of the Master's works.

  3. Expertise and authentication
  4. The foundation has all the certificates of authentication issued by the teacher and confirms the authorship and authenticity of the works that are submitted for valuation. the certificate of authenticity "da Vinci".

  5. Valuation of works
  6. The Foundation reports the increasing updated value of the paintings sold or placed on sale.

  7. Conservation
  8. The foundation also has the will to preserve the work of Manuel de la Mata. It is in its objectives to establish and found a museum, according to a public institution of the first order.

    To this end, the Foundation has been equipped to acquire works by Manuel de la Mata directly from owners or at auctions or in private sales.